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The proper mixture between design, comfort and sustainability are at the heart of the way we do business. 

Slowing down fast fashion might not be possible, but we at Boogie and the Beach  strive to bring a sustainable and ethical approach to the industry .

We source the highest quality Italian recycled polyamide materials, that outperform traditional fabrics. We have our customers in mind when designing and developing new swimsuits. Long lasting elegance instead of temporary fashion is at our forefront. The process is followed by production in our own city - Sofia, Bulgaria, by a family run business, where the best practice is encouraged at all times and management respects the rights of all employees, suppliers and the community.


Sustainability and ethical practice will always be at the core of our label, as will transparency. We want to bring our high quality pieces, to women who strive to leave no ecological footprint on the environment. Women who chose design and sustainability over fast trends.